The Search Within

About the Center

The mission of the Center is to inspire and assist people in having a profound realization of the love that lives deep within to contribute to their spiritual unfolding and personal freedom.

The Search for Truth Center was founded by Jolane Scheib out of her commitment to freedom for herself and others.

A site for many personal transformative experiences, the Center is a safe place for people to open up to more truth, love and freedom. The Center builds community and fosters strong relationships between family and friends.


Jolane Scheib, Course Leader

Jolane Scheib

A “catalyst for bringing people to a deep place of personal power” is how people describe Jolane Scheib.  For 25 years, she has evoked people’s healing to bring them into a state of consciousness, so that they are at choice about their lives.  Jolane’s expertise is taking people to the place within where deep healing happens, so they can find freedom from their denied and repressed emotions. 

Jolane began her own path to personal freedom in 1986 when she attended a course called “Understanding Yourself and Others”, held by Global Relationship Center (GRC).  Soon after, she completed their 2-year Instructor Training Program to become a course leader and opened her own center in California.

In 1994, Jolane was hired to be Vice President of Sales at the GRC International Headquarters in Austin, TX.  She was also chosen to be part of an elite team, including 4 years of in-depth personal development, to lead the Instructor Training Program.  Jolane trained 500 instructors, who went on to lead courses for people all over the world.  

During her time at GRC, Jolane became a Parenting Instructor, a Leadership Instructor and an Instructor of Teamwork courses.  She was also awarded “#1 Center” for excellence in leadership and training.

In 2000, Jolane started her own company, The Search for Truth Center and began The Search Within course.  Through her passion to inspire others, thousands of people have trusted Jolane to help them find the love and joy that they desire.

Jolane and her husband, George, live near Austin, TX.  Jolane has raised 5 sons:  Kyle, Brad, Dustin, Tanner, and Eric.  Her experiences as a mother have been instrumental in her ability to lead and empathize with others.

Other life-changing courses Jolane has developed: 
     The Advanced Search Within
     The Couples Course
     The Parenting Course
     The Leadership Course
George Scheib, Course Leader Assistant

Jolane and George were married in 2003.  George graduated from Georgia Tech in 1987 as an Electrical Engineer.  He worked in the defense industry in Ft Worth, TX, before moving to Austin in 1991.  He then spent 19 years at Dell, Inc. as a laptop designer, project manager, and procurement specialist.  

George has spent the last 10 years doing personal growth work including week-long intensives, meditations, and other heart opening courses.  He runs many areas of the center’s business and assists Jolane in the course weekends.  His expertise is using his compassion to see into the pain of others and using his strong presence in the course room to assist others in opening their hearts.